Wednesday, May 26, 2010

New car smell?

I think not. I love the way old eletronic equipment and guitars smell! I just do. went through a couple of bass heads, all newer, then got a Silverface Bassman 100 for a good deal from a friend. I had a few friends in bands that used the Bassman 100 as a bass amp with great results and a crazy sound so i took it to my good buddy Billy Zoom of X fame and he gave it the once over twice (i'm so funny) and churched it up with a master volume and generally tuned it/hot rodded it.

Loved it, but it took me probably about a year to stop using all the old fuzz pedals i was hauling around. I finally dialed in the head and combined with my '70 P-bass people would trip out that it would be so big and fuzzy all on it's own, but with that being said it was slighlty aniemic at times for unknown resons.

Then Billy came across this old solid state Randall 300 watt power amp on ebay and told me to buy it. So i did and he then told me that these were made extreemely well and with parts you could still get. He then built a tube pre amp and at my insisting built that into the existing power amp unit instead of having the pre amp in a separate rack mount unit.

Came out killer. Since playing with Jason armed with his Mesa and the Orange i was under powered by a long shot with the Bassman. Not anymore. I still need to take it back to Billy to get some of the gain taken out, but it rules. Now i just need to finish the metal work on his Sprite!

There you go, a music nerd post.........

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